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This project has been ongoing since 2004. Thus far, over 1,400 documented individuals have been included on my extended family tree, and more ancestors will be added as I find them. If you have a familial link to the people listed here and can now add another leaf or branch to your tree or mine, I'd be glad to hear from you.

Special thanks to:

  • John Knott, whose writings on the subject of slide rules and their inventors introduced me to my long forgotten great-great grandfather, Joshua Routledge. John Knott's article about Joshua Routledge (Oughtred Society Vol. 4, No 2, October 1995) sparked my resolve to rescue from obscurity as many of my ancestors as I could. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr Knott in Bolton England just months before he died in 2005.
  • Jason Wryghte, fellow family historian, who contributed his own earlier research for the Routledge and Drage families.
  • Sandra Balch (nee Wryghte), Susan Kirby (nee Wryghte), and Joan Syrett (nee Routledge) for their time and patience in digging up and copying numerous old family photos, letters, and documents.
  • Bruno Nussbaumer who helped me research my Schmid and Eigenmann ancestors in Switzerland.
  • Werner Eigenmann for uncovering and publishing the history of the Eigenmann families of Waldkirch dating to 15th century St Gallen Switzerland.
  • John D Rutledge: My interest in ancestry began in 2002 with an internet search that led to Origins of the Rutledge Surname and Coat-of-Arms, a fascinating, thoughtful, and well researched account written by John D Rutledge who also hosted The Rutledge Family Association Website. That site was very active during the late 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Sean J Ruttledge: Next, I came across Sean J Ruttledge's 1998 account, A Present Day Tour of Reiver Country, a most entertaining story that included many photos and instilled in me a fervent desire to visit those old Routledge haunts.
  • Thomas Routledge: Lastly, I must credit the work of Tom Routledge whose energetic activities include promoting the idea of a Routledge Clan Society.

Prepared By:

Diane Redfern (nee Schmid)
Gibsons, British Columbia    CANADA
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Updated: July 2015